How do I wax a wood carving?

Nowadays, people pay more and more attention to environmental protection and health, so the choice of furniture is also more in favor of solid wood furniture. How to wax solid wood furniture? Next, let me give you the secret.

Waxing operation should use a clean cotton cloth to wipe the surface, to ensure that the surface is dry, and dust-free. If you need to sand carefully, needs to be carried out before waxing.

Choose a suitable color. Usually, light-colored furniture should avoid using dark-colored polishing wax. It is normal that the color of bare wood furniture will deepen naturally after rubbing oil or waxing. In a long time of neglect or long time sunshine when the color will naturally become lighter, waxing or rubbing oil will be restored.

Control the amount of use, even bare wood surfaces, also need to avoid excessive. And the application should be uniform, to avoid bringing trouble to the follow-up work. The standard is that the wax paste can be completely absorbed by the wood within a short time after application.

After the wax paste has been evenly applied, it should be left for 30 minutes until the surface is completely dry. In the wet season or winter, the drying time should be extended. The standard is that the surface is dry to the touch and does not stick to the hands.

After making sure the surface is completely dry, we use a dry, clean cotton cloth to polish the surface. If the wax paste was not applied evenly before, when polishing, you can see obvious brush marks. At this point, you need to polish more vigorously to wipe off the brush marks.

A carefully polished wood surface is left with a lustrous silky finish. Unclosed bare wood surface, the initial waxing gloss effect will be slightly weaker. It can be repeated once more. After the closed treatment of the surface, or after the second waxing of the surface, the gloss effect will be significantly improved. At this point, you can already see the original piece of bare wood has appeared mirror effect. We can decide whether to repeat the operation again according to the individual pursuit of gloss.