Influencer Program

As a Katway Influencer, we provide you with a range of tools to help you easily pick the best Katway products and services for your followers. We enable you to earn commissions on eligible purchases, while providing your followers with the most authentic shares and testimonials. You can experience our products and services for yourself so you can give your followers the most compelling recommendations.

Karway Influencer Program Karway Influencer Program

1. Select product

Choose the product that best suits your promotion

2. Create promotional content

Create content and recommend products to your fans

3. Earn

10% commission rate helps maximize profits


As a member of the Katway Influencer Program, inspire your audience by sharing explanations of Katway products on social media and help your audience choose the products that are best for them.

We accept applications from all types of influencers, as long as you have social software like YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Tictok or a blogging site.

When your followers make purchases through your affiliate links, you can start earning commissions. The amount you earn depends on the price of the products sold, with commission rates up to 10% and will be visible in your reports.