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    This affordable Engraving Ball Vises are perfect for novice or hobbyist engravers and stone setters. The package includes a range of attachments designed to securely hold your workpiece during the engraving process, assisting in the operation of Engraver. The integrated jaws of this Engrave block remain fixed to the unit and do not detach. Additionally, the top rotates a full 360 degrees for added convenience.

    You should use an Engraving Ball Vise in jewelry-making whenever you need to secure and hold your workpiece in a stable position while engraving or setting stones. They are particularly useful for tasks that require precise and detailed work, such as engraving intricate patterns or setting small gemstones. By using an Engraving Ball Vise, you can ensure that your workpiece remains steady, allowing you to achieve accurate and professional results in your jewelry-making projects.

    1. Stability: The Engraving Ball Vise provides a stable platform to securely hold your workpiece, preventing it from moving or shifting during the engraving process. This stability allows for more precise and accurate engraving.
    2. Hands-free operation: With the workpiece securely held in the Engraving Ball Vise, you can use both hands to manipulate the engraving tools or set stones, enhancing your control and dexterity.
    3. Versatility: Engraving Ball Vise come with various attachments, such as jaws or clamps, that can be adjusted to accommodate different shapes and sizes of workpieces. This versatility allows you to work on a wide range of jewelry pieces.
    4. Ergonomics: Engraving Ball Vise are designed to minimize strain on your hands and wrists, providing a comfortable working position and reducing fatigue during extended engraving sessions.
    5. Time-saving: The efficiency of working with an Engraving Ball Vise can help you save time, as you spend less effort readjusting the workpiece and more time focusing on the actual engraving or stone setting.

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