Goldsmithing | Modern Metal Engraving/Engraving Arts

Metal engraving, can also be called burin/engraving gold/steel engraving, all belong to the category of gold work. Intended to use metal materials through the engraving tool engraved with all kinds of decorations. In the Chinese traditional swords and knives, as well as Japanese swords and knives are widely used, usually good goldsmiths carving technique is exquisite, the theme of the carving out of the ornamentation of smooth lines, vivid and flexible.

Today, there are different classifications of metal engraving techniques, which are broadly categorized into pure hand engraving and semi-hand engraving.


Pure hand engraving is the use of metal burin, in maintaining a certain angle through the small hammer constantly striking the burin, or directly use the hand force to push the engraving. The price of tools relative to the engraving machine for some low, in addition to the engraving knife, but also need a universal turntable, clamping table, rubber plate (the rubber plate will be partially heated and melted embedded in the metal object to be engraved, to the cooling of the rubber plate can be fixed to the object to start engraving, engraving is completed after the heating of the rubber plate to take out the object). Body microscope and other equipment.


At the heart of semi-manual engraving is the engraving machine, the most common of which are, for example, pneumatic engraving machines. A good pneumatic engraving machine helps the designer to better convert ideas and thoughts into physical objects.

Pneumatic engraving machines have the following features:

  1.   High-precision processing ability:  pneumatic engraving machine adopts high-precision transmission system and control system, which can realize very accurate processing. system and control system, can realize very accurate processing. Whether it is carving fine section or cutting jade, can achieve very high precision requirements.
  2. Multi-functional operation: the pneumatic engraving machine has a variety of operating modes, which can meet the production needs of different fields. For example, it can carry out 3D carving, 2D cutting, punching, inlaying and other operations.
  3. Fast processing speed: under the premise of ensuring the quality of the workpiece, the pneumatic engraving machine is very efficient. It can carve and cut quickly without a lot of manual involvement, which greatly improves the production efficiency.
  4. Easy to operate: the operation of pneumatic engraving machine is very simple, only need to master a certain technology, you can easily complete a variety of engraving and cutting operations. Moreover, its operation interface is also very friendly, so that users can easily master its functions.

In addition to the different production classifications of metal engraving, the styles of metal engraving are also very diversified. In addition to being applied to traditional and modern cold weapons, inlays, gold plating/gilding, etc. can be used in firearms, watches, ornaments, jewelry, and so on, so as to make the corresponding objects have more artistic value.