Katway's Journey to Jewelry Show 2023

In September 2023, Katway was invited to participate in JEWELLERY & GEM WORLD HONG KONG (JGW). This is an important exhibition for the global jewelry market, with the theme concept of "one show, two venues", known for its main market served is the B2B market, the Group pavilions in more than a dozen countries and regions around the world. The theme pavilions of this Hong Kong exhibition include more than 40 pavilions including fine jewelry, finished jewelry, antique and vintage jewelry, tools, equipment and technology pavilions.

JGW is not only an exhibition, but also an important platform for global partners in the jewelry industry, featuring renowned cutting-edge technologies in jewelry making, master jewelry pieces, etc. It is a rare journey for industry professionals to exchange ideas.

Katway's Journey to Jewelry Show 2023

Focus on Core Technology

katway this time to participate in the main to participate in the appearance of tools and equipment and technology pavilion, katway as one of the industry's top machine manufacturers, from packaging solutions, tools and equipment on behalf of the industry's most advanced technology. In this display to show the latest technology and innovative technology on the stage, katway have a unique performance and advanced understanding. Continuously leading the industry's progress, and with many jewelry makers to establish a long-term relationship.

Katway's Journey to Jewelry Show 2023

Main Exhibited Products

The main products of katway in this exhibition are AT series of pneumatic engraving machine, AG series of engraving machine, R series of 3-in-1 engraving machine, Engraving Ball Vise, polishing machine and so on.

  • AT Series Pneumatic Engraving Machine

The main selling point of this engraver is its power and convenience. Compared with the electric engraving machine, it has a more powerful design, and the built-in air compressor provides convenience without the need to purchase an external air compressor, which is very friendly to the narrow working environment. Meanwhile, the excellent structural design of this series makes the whole machine very light in weight, which is very easy to change the working scene and move the machine.

  • R Series 3-in-1 Engraving Machine

The R series is mainly designed as a multi-functional engraving machine, the main functions include engraving, sanding, drilling, hot air gun and so on. To meet a variety of needs, the body design of the multifunctional case to ensure the lightness, output power more stable and better sense of control, more suitable for novice engravers to use.

Katway's Journey to Jewelry Show 2023
  • AG series engraving machine

The main selling point of the AG series of engraving machines is the super power output, using all Japanese parts design and become. The super power will be a great help for professional engravers to finish the engraving project in a shorter time.

  • Engraving Ball Vise

The Engraving Ball Vise plays an important role in the stability of the engraving process, has a 360-degree swivel angle, and has been continuously upgraded to include a wide range of accessories to suit various shapes of engraving materials. The Engraving Ball Vise can also be used with the R Series Engraving Machines glue sticks and hot air guns to further enhance the stability of the engraving process.

  •  Polishing Machines

Our polishing machine can be applied to various shapes of metal jewelry, coins, stones and other polishing use, multi-step speed adjustment, two-way rotary design. Overall machine compact design, humanized operation design. It also has strong output power to ensure that the polishing can achieve excellent finish.

Katway's Journey to Jewelry Show 2023


As an important hub for the global jewelry industry, the JGW exhibition brings us not only potential business opportunities and unlimited possibilities for the future. More importantly, it is an important exhibition to exchange and collide with the world's top enterprises and professionals in the exchange of ideas and technology. katway, as one of the leading companies in the engraving machine industry, attaches great importance to this exhibition, and after exchanging views with many enterprises and professionals, we have received great recognition and praise from the industry, and at the same time, we have received a lot of suggestions and feedbacks.katway will seize this opportunity and turn the lessons learned into the cornerstone of progress, explore unlimited possibilities in the future, and continue to lead the progress of the industry.