Engraving machine safety operation matters

Keep clean: Keep the workplace clean, the environment is messy and disorganized can easily lead to accidents.

Pay attention to the environment: Lean CNC numerical control equipment should not be placed in dark and humid places to work, and should not work in places with flammable liquids and gases.

Beware of electric shock: Avoid direct contact with the spindle, power output, controller interface, etc. to prevent electric shock.

Stay away from processing: Keep outsiders and children away from the workplace, and visitors who have nothing to do with the operation must keep a safe distance. When processing, the operator's hands should be away from the processing spindle; stop processing, cut off the power supply, prohibit outsiders, children touch at will.

Reasonable use: Operate in accordance with the reasonable workflow allowed by the system, the processing efficiency is higher, the effect is better and safer. Do not use small power spindle to do heavy work, do not use the processing tool indiscriminately.

Dress appropriately: When working, please do not wear loose clothing and jewelry, so as not to be involved in the CNC machine. It is better to wear non-slip rubber shoes, and those with long hair should wear a working cap.

Securely connected: Do not pull on the connecting cable or pull out the power plug. Cables should be kept away from heat sources and flammable and explosive products, while avoiding contact with sharp objects.

Fixed workpiece: Before processing to fix the material, absolutely prohibit the hand fixed.

Proper maintenance: Keep the equipment clean and maintain it regularly in order to give full play to the performance of the equipment and prolong its service life. Refer to the "maintenance rules" in this manual, timely lubrication and regular inspection and maintenance to ensure that the performance of the entire CNC equipment is safe and reliable.

Cut off the power supply in time: When replacing the tool, you must cut off the power supply of the machining spindle motor. When replacing the machining material, the power supply of the CNC equipment must be cut off.