Advantages and disadvantages of machine carving and hand carving

Now the machine carving process is gradually improving, the carver is getting better and better, and the shape of the machine carving may be complex, but the process depth is limited. Although the efficiency is high, the cost is low, the machine carving is only the machine carving, it is no soul, and it can not replace the hand carving, good jade carving can show the author's heart and feelings. Experienced players can easily tell whether a piece of work is carved by machine or by hand.

Machine carving and handwork are the differences between goods and art, and also the division between low-end and high-end.

The cost of artificial engraving is very high, in addition to the loss of artificial engraving on the material, but also the need for relatively high manual costs. The industry says: "three materials seven divisions of labor", although a little exaggerated, a good carver does give a second life to the pine, a good carver can give the pine a higher ornamental value and collection value. A good sculptor needs a strong master, and the works carved by masters of different status levels are not the same. The gram price of turquoise is often thousands, in addition to the loss of turquoise processing, there are high processing costs, which increase the cost of turquoise.

Machine carving is mostly general materials, not particularly good. Because of the same material of turquoise, the value of the works carved by machine and hand-carved can be said to be worlds apart. A good material, only to make its advantages infinitely enlarged, in order to fully reflect its real value, machine carving in many ways can not be compared with hand-carved, for fine turquoise, hand-carved also reflects the treasure of the material.

Machines are rigid, like workers on an assembly line. The craftsman, on the other hand, has an ongoing artistic life, constantly creating and exploring. After years of experience accumulation and perception, the charm depicted is extraordinary. The work is both their blood and their blood.

Assembly-line works do not conform to the connotation of jade itself. The reason why jade is priceless is also that it is unique, standardized work of the assembly line, although it is also accepted by many people, it is not optimistic in the industry.