Do You Know What Metal Engraving Is?

To talk about metal engraving, we need to first understand what engraving is. Simply put, engraving is the process of carving materials such as wood, stone, etc. into desired shapes, such as lines, letters, etc., using tools such as knives and round chisels. Metal engraving is used for marking pictures, QR codes, numbers and other patterns. Engraving metal involves a wide range of industries, including medical, jewelry, aviation and other industries. Next we will come to introduce the specific methods of metal engraving.

Ⅰ.metal engraving methods

1. Diamond tool drag metal engraving

This step requires the use of a tool with a conical diamond to slide on the metal, leaving traces. Because of the very high hardness of the diamond, it can be engraved on the metal. However, the accuracy of diamond drag engraving does rival hand engraving. However, this method of diamond tool engraving is suitable for soft metals and is best suited for engraving items such as jewelry and trophies, for example. The advantages of this method of engraving are that it is relatively inexpensive compared to other engraving methods, and it is able to engrave smaller letters. However, the disadvantage is obvious: the width of the nib is limited.

Metal Engraving

2. Polishing

Polishing, as the name suggests, involves the use of specific tools, such as carbide tools, diamond tools with different widths of tips, etc., to polish the surface of the metal, removing coatings from the metal surface and creating a smooth polished surface. Polishing can be used instead of the diamond engraving tools mentioned above. The advantage of polishing engraving itself over diamond engraving tools is that it allows for more engraving widths and therefore more sizes of letters, and also three-dimensional patterns. Its disadvantage is that it needs to be equipped with an engraving motor and a polishing adapter, and adding these devices requires additional costs, which are naturally high. And the fact that these machines work noisily is also a problem.

3. Rotary engraving

Rotary engraving is a form of engraving that is suitable for most industrial or commercial models. The principle is to use a cutting tool with several grooves to remove the excess metal. The purpose of this is to cut deeper letters or other patterns. More advanced cutting machines are also able to control the depth of cut of the engraving tool to produce a more perfect metal engraving. The advantage of rotary engraving is that it is extremely versatile and can engrave a wide variety of metal objects. The advantage of rotary engraving is that it is extremely versatile and can engrave a wide variety of metal items. The disadvantage of rotary engraving is that it is just as costly as the polishing engraving mentioned above. More cutting tools of different sizes, equipped with cutting motors, etc., all of which cost more money. Also, with more machines being used, the cleanup that needs to be done becomes much more involved.

Metal Engraving

4. Laser engraving

Laser engraving is a term that most people still don't understand. But in fact, laser engraving is a very simple term to explain, that is, the use of laser instead of the above mentioned variety of engraving tools for metal engraving. But at the same time, the laser engraving process requires a high level of skill on the part of the engraver, and the monetary cost is also very high. The biggest advantage of laser engraving is to reduce the loss of metal in the engraving process, in addition is the laser engraved metal products, its accuracy is also difficult to match other engraving methods.

Ⅱ.different metal engraving methods

Different metals, their characteristics are different, so the use of engraving methods are naturally different. Here we will introduce the characteristics of different metals.

1. Aluminum

There are various compounds of aluminum, and their uses vary. For example, aluminum oxide is used to make trophies or medals; process grade aluminum can be used to make signs, electronic control panels, and other items. In summary, most aluminum alloys can be cut and made into a variety of items that people need.

2. Brass

The brass sold on the market is very difficult to engrave, but the hardness of the brass specifically used for engraving is only half of the hardness of the brass sold on the market. The most common use of brass engraving is perhaps sign engraving. If you want to make a sign, you can paint the brass so that after the end of the engraving, you can form a clear contrast.

Metal Engraving

3. Stainless steel

    Stainless steel compared to other metals, it is relatively difficult to carve. Because its hardness is very high, the general engraving machine is very difficult to carve stainless steel. But at the same time, stainless steel this material is extremely high stability, stainless steel engraving products are also very high degree of durability, and very durable, anti-corrosion, moisture.

In addition, when carving stainless steel has a more special requirement for the carving tool, that is, the chuck of the carving tool. The collet spindle of the engraving tool is preferably one that can be held by hand, which can increase the depth of the engraving process and produce more exquisite works.

4. Gold, Silver, Platinum

    These precious metals, compared to the metals mentioned above, are not very hard, or even very soft, and are perfect for cutting. The best way to carve this metal is to use the diamond tools mentioned above, and in most cases, do not need to use cutting fluid.