The secret of Katway 3 in 1 Jewelry Engraving Machine,

The HH-R01 R-Graver is the first product in the Katway R series, which integrates the engraving machine, micromotor and hot air into a single equipment system. This engraving machine, which can be described as a revolutionary tool, can provide a powerful electric engraving system for all partners who love to carve.

It can operate at both 110V and 220V, ensuring full applicability in all voltage situations. With this cutting-edge technology, craftsmen can finally abandon the bulky, noisy and expensive compressors of the past, and free up a compact workspace to make engraving more efficient, quality and fun.

The HH-R01 R-GRAVER system has a lot of accessories and is an absolute value equipment package. Let's see what's in there. Includes a set of 6 quick-change chuck engraver supports for the head, 1 engraver head, 1 micromotor head, 1 hot air head and 1 foot pedal. The best surprise is that all of these components can be quickly put to work without the need for an additional compressor.

Technical parameter

Item No:HH-R01

Item Name: R-Graver

Power: 100w


Handpiece Working Speed: 0-100%

Handpiece Working Power: 0-100%

Micromotor Speed: 0~35000RPM

Hot Gun Temperature: 300 T

The HH-R01 R-GRAVER has special features that are different from previous engraving machines, and it does not require an air compressor to operate. By switching the piston switch, you can also quickly modify individual handles and change the use of different sizes of tool heads, enabling a variety of engraving styles, from light and small engraving to heavy engraving of harder metals such as steel and titanium. At the same time, the plastic screw on the top of the engraving machine handle allows the user to easily adjust the engraving force and speed.

The HH-R01 R-GRAVER is an all-in-one engraving machine tool set that includes three key features: GRAVER, MICROMOTOR and HEAT. This powerful and versatile combination helps artisans perform various sculpting tasks with ease and precision.

Jewelry Engraving

Parse HH-R01 R-GRAVER in detail

Engraving machine host

The G key is the main function key of HH-R01 R-GRAVER, and every time the G key is pressed, the engraving interface will switch between different engraving functions. These features include pedal strength, pedal speed (continuous trigger and one-time trigger). The G key helps the craftsman to easily and quickly switch between the various desired engraving modes, and the control is very stable and reliable.


After starting, when entering the engraving interface, you can press the adjustment knob to select the function item that needs to be adjusted. First determine the function that needs to be used, and then rotate the adjustment knob to make the necessary appropriate adjustment. After the adjustment is completed, you can step on the foot pedal and start the carving work. This process can be customized according to your personal needs, accurate and friendly setting of the corresponding engraving tools to work together, so that the engraving work is more convenient and smooth.


If you need to use the hot air handle in your engraving work, you can press the H button and then turn the adjustment knob to set the temperature you need to reach. After setting the temperature, step on the pedal once and the hot air handle will begin to work. If you want to stop the handle, you just need to step on the pedal again to stop the handle. This process enables efficient control of the hot air handle.

Important reminder

The heat gun must be unplugged after 5 minutes of power failure to ensure safety.

In use, maintaining the normal operation of the grounding wire device is also a key step to ensure personal safety and the safety of machinery and equipment.

Daily storage space, the need to keep machinery and equipment in a good dry environment, which is also important.

In addition, since the system is airless, there is no need to install an additional air compressor to provide a more convenient and efficient working setup.

Service and maintenance

If your HH-R01 R-GRAVER needs maintenance or repair, you can contact one of our designated local dealers for help and support. Our local distributors will do their best to provide you with the necessary assistance and solve any problems you may have when using the product. We are committed to ensuring that our customers receive the best possible service and to assisting every user to have any issues resolved promptly and efficiently.

Warranty bill

Each HH-R01 R-GRAVER comes with a 1-year warranty that covers parts and the main engine. The warranty service greatly guarantees the quality and reliability of our products, which can let you use with peace of mind. If you need technical support during the warranty period or have questions about use, you can contact the seller who purchased the device. They are able to provide you with further help, support and guidance to address any concerns or questions you may have about the HH-R01 R-GRAVER.