Classification of engraving machines and industry differences

Engraving machine, is a very wide range of applications of equipment. However, due to the different properties of the industry, the engraving machine and there are some differences, then the engraving machine in the end is what kind of equipment, in different industries and what are the differences?

First, we first look at the classification of the engraving machine:

Engraving machine according to its engraving form is generally divided into two categories of laser engraving machine and mechanical engraving machine.

According to the processing object and use of different classifications: woodworking engraving machine, advertising engraving machine, stone engraving machine, foam engraving machine, crafts engraving machine, glass engraving machine, pcb (circuit board) engraving machine.

According to the different processing objects and uses can be divided into woodworking engraving machine, stone engraving machine, foam engraving machine, glass engraving machine and so on.

According to the axis classification: ordinary engraving machine (3-axis linkage engraving machine), four-axis linkage engraving machine, five-axis linkage engraving machine.

According to the size of the engraving machine classification: large engraving machine, small engraving machine.

Second, the carving machine commonly used software:

ARTCAM (relief engraving), TYPE3 (multi-function engraving), JDPaint (fine engraving), Rhino (three-dimensional modeling).

Third, the engraving machine application industry:

  1. Jewelry production
  2.  advertising and gift production industry
  3. mold industry
  4. tobacco industry
  5. printed circuit board (PCB) product development in the circuit production, drilling and milling slot
  6. the automobile industry
  7. Packaging industry
  8. Seal industry
  9. Shipbuilding industry
  10. Machinery processing industry
  11. woodworking industry

Fourth, the characteristics of the engraving machine used in the advertising production industry:

For the current advertising industry:

A, if only used to cut the material, then we can use ordinary mechanical engraving machine, can meet the needs; recommended an ordinary mechanical engraving machine, an ordinary laser engraving machine, two kinds of engraving machine power appropriately larger, cut out the product cutting surface smooth, fast feed speed, laser machine used to carve acrylic, cutting surface transparent and bright, can be less subsequent polishing process, if really can not, laser engraving machine Can also not, with ordinary mechanical engraving machine to carve, just slow, easy to break the knife, later to be polished; depends on their own choice.

Second, such as the need to use with the ∪ V machine to use, common and the most used is the ∪ V machine after printing the picture, in the cut into the specified shape, then you need to accurately on the point, artificial point precision is poor, the scrap rate is high; then you have to choose to use with the edge of the function of the carving machine, edge of the carving machine relative to the ordinary carving machine from the production of documents or manipulation in terms of more convenient. It can be said that there are UV spray places, generally speaking, with a roving edge engraving machine is a normal thing.

Below we briefly talk about the characteristics of the edge engraving machine:

  • to solve the traditional manual positioning due to time-consuming and laborious and due to human causes lead to the problem of scrap;
  • can identify the cutting of large area graphics, one person at the same time look after multiple devices, a large number of savings in labor, electricity and site, the comprehensive price is high;
  • Automatic edge recognition, template set cutting, jigsaw cutting, strong recognition ability, fast positioning speed, high positioning accuracy;
  • Support feature matching, two-point positioning, multi-template positioning, contour extraction and other positioning methods;
  • Graphics editing, layout, control, output one-stop completion;
  • can choose to add vibration knife, competent KT board shaped cutting;
  • All-steel gantry servo movement mounted with the self-contained control system.
  • Mainly used for processing KT board, PVC, acrylic, snowboard, density board, aluminum composite board and other advertising and decorative materials.