Vacuum casting in the jewelry process

With the continuous development of science and technology, casting machine technology is also constantly updated iteration. With the emergence of vacuum casting technology, vacuum casting machine in the field of jewelry production has been effectively applied. Why is the vacuum casting machine is loved by major jewelers? Because this technology is able to accurately cast the jewelry design from the miscellaneous. Next will be through a deep discussion of the technical advantages of vacuum casting, and this technology in the application of the process of what matters needing attention.

Why is vacuum casting suitable for jewelry production?

The principle of vacuum casting is to create a vacuum environment will be molten metal molded into a specific mold shape. As opposed to other types of casting machines, such as centrifugal casting machines, vacuum is a casting process that is ideally suited for small production runs and complex designs.

Accuracy: The vacuum environment ensures that the molten metal fills every gap in the mold to the maximum extent possible, ensuring that there is no air trapped, so that the pattern and texture of the work produced is more detailed and precise. This advantage can meet the high demand for precision in the jewelry making industry, and complex patterns, including various shades of complex fine lines, as well as a variety of sharp angles can be perfectly completed.

Versatility: Vacuum casting can not only be used for one metal casting process, but can complete the production of a variety of metals and alloys, this versatility provides more choices for the jewelry maker, you can try more materials for the jewelry industry.

High Quality: Vacuum casting machines can reduce imperfections in a controlled environment, bringing the piece to a high quality state, which is very important in the jewelry manufacturing industry for mass production with high quality requirements.

Vacuum casting in the jewelry process

Advantages of vacuum casting

Vacuum casting applied in the jewelry manufacturing industry, there are several advantages relative to several other casting methods.

Reduced porosity residue: air residue on the casting impact is not only the details of the pattern may be damaged, but also lead to the casting of the finished metal over time will appear cracks, and the use of vacuum casting can minimize the air residue, so you can make the production of works more robust and durable.

Surface gloss: Because of the precision of the product can be guaranteed, the use of vacuum casting works in the release of the mold does not require additional processing can achieve a very good surface gloss, the pursuit of more sophisticated results only need to be simply polished and polished can be. Can save more time and energy for the manufacturer, more attention on other processes of jewelry manufacturing.

More cost-effective: While vacuum casting machines may have higher up-front preparation costs than other casting machines, they are more cost-effective in small production runs, minimizing unnecessary waste, and producing high-quality results without additional processing after production is complete, which can significantly reduce production costs for long-term production.

Enhancement of alloy performance: In the casting of alloys, vacuum casting can eliminate unnecessary gases and other impurities, so it can enhance the performance of some alloys. This alloy can not only have a more beautiful appearance, but also more toughness.

Precautions in the use of the process

Understand so many advantages of vacuum casting, but also need to have a deep understanding of the manufacturing process, in the use of the process there are some need to pay attention to the use of the details must be remembered, to avoid operating errors cause unnecessary losses and safety issues.

Maintenance of the machine: the need for vacuum systems, abrasives and crucible regular inspection, found that the problem should be maintained in a timely manner. Ensure that the casting machine is always in the best performance, effectively avoid working in the case of machine failure, may lead to uneven casting and other issues. For the maintenance of the machine is a problem that can not be ignored.

Mold quality: the success rate of vacuum casting not only depends on the casting method and equipment, mold quality and design is also a key factor affecting the success of the mold design should ensure that it can adapt to the thermal expansion and contraction of the process of the metal, so the design of the gate system and other design needs to have a scientific and clear planning to ensure that the cooling process of the metal can be completely filled with empty space.

Temperature: the melting point of each metal is not the same, so we need to accurately understand the melting point of each metal and other properties, to ensure that in the vacuum casting process to accurately control the temperature, to ensure that the metal can completely reach the molten state and fill the mold.

Safety: in the process of using the vacuum casting machine, must pay attention to safety issues, the use of correct operating practices, the need to wear appropriate safety equipment, such as masks, goggles, special heat-resistant gloves, etc., equipped with fire extinguishers, as far as possible to reduce the possibility of danger.

Material-related knowledge: A clear understanding of materials not only improves efficiency, but also avoids some potential risks. In addition to the melting points of the different metals, it is also necessary to know the chemical reactions of the metals during the casting process, as well as the time required for cooling.

Constant practice: every step of jewelry manufacturing requires constant practice and enough patience, casting technology is no exception, you need to sum up the experience in the failure, constantly improve the method, and constant practice in order to cast the perfect product.


The use of vacuum casting is a very valuable technique for jewelry makers. It allows for the production of intricate, high-quality jewelry pieces. At the same time, it requires a certain amount of specialized knowledge in the use of this technology, and the rewards it can bring are immeasurable. Vacuum casting technology can produce high precision and durable products, just need to use enough patience as well as accumulate enough practical experience, both professional jewelry makers and novices can adopt this technology to make their own jewelry manufacturing more perfect.