Casting Machine & Melt Machine 2L,HH-CM06

Katway SKU: HH-CM06

Casting Machine & Melt Machine 2L,HH-CM06

Katway SKU: HH-CM06
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Casting Machine & Melt Machine 2L,HH-CM06


Item No: HH-CM06
Item Name: Cast & Melt Machine 2L
Casting Power: 400W
Melting Power: 1500W
Votlage: 220V/110V
Investment Plate Size: 200*200MM
Bell Jar: 195*250MM
Maximum Casting Flasks: 4*7Inch
Casting Room: 140*190MM
Dimension: 47*50*36CM
Machine Shipping Dimension: 51*51*53CM
Gross Weight: 39KG

Casting Machine & Melt Machine 2L,HH-CM06

The precise pressure gauge in our equipment offers accurate and efficient adjustments, enabling users to achieve exact pressure levels. Its construction involves a clearly visible solid shell, facilitating intuitive and effortless data observation. The gauge's design ensures that users can easily monitor and fine-tune pressure settings, guaranteeing precision in the operations.

Casting Machine & Melt Machine 2L,HH-CM06

The vacuum hood, with its thickened structure, is specifically designed to offer exceptional sealing and superior vacuum performance during operation. This feature minimizes the occurrence of bubbles and burrs in the casting process, ensuring the delicate appearance and quality of the final jewelry pieces. Its robust build provides an effective vacuum environment, significantly reducing imperfections to deliver high-quality, flawless jewelry creations.

Casting Machine & Melt Machine 2L,HH-CM06

The 2L casting chamber is engineered with a large capacity to cater to diverse casting requirements. Its spacious interior is designed to handle various casting tasks effectively. It accommodates the largest helmet size of 4" by 7", providing ample space for conducting multiple casting procedures or accommodating larger molds. This generous capacity ensures versatility in the casting process, allowing for efficient and comprehensive jewelry production without compromising on quality or size limitations.

Casting Machine & Melt Machine 2L,HH-CM06

The process of oil filling is made effortless through meticulous attention to detail. durable rubber components, and a robust heavy-duty build. Supported by a stable base, it provides consistent and reliable support throughout the oil filling procedure. The inclusion of an accurate scale further streamlines the process, allowing for precise and hassle-free oil measurement and filling.

Casting Machine & Melt Machine 2L,HH-CM06

The HH-CM06 Multifunctional Furnace integrates a furnace, vacuum pump, and chambers for melting, casting, and moulding. It includes a Temperature Controller (CM06) with digital displays and buttons for adjusting and stabilizing the target temperature. Press "set," adjust the digits using the arrow buttons, confirm with "set" again.

Casting Machine & Melt Machine 2L,HH-CM06Casting Machine & Melt Machine 2L,HH-CM06

Wide Application

Vacuum casting machines find extensive application across various sectors including jewelry processing factories, jewelry design shops, and art manufacturing units. They are adept in working with an array of metals such as K gold, silver, copper, and other alloy products. Specifically, these machines excel in creating intricate designs, prototypes, and small-scale production runs for a wide range of jewelry pieces including rings, pendants, earrings, and more.

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