The Importance of Hand Engraving and the Reason We Employ It

Stamp rings are hand engraved using the classic fashion of "stamp engraving".

Four thousand years ago in Ancient Egypt, the ring was used as a seal, not just a simple decorative item. Early seal designs were etched, a unique engraving method that used a corrosion process to create a concave and convex effect on the metal to form initials, family crests, and other symbols, an ancient method that ensured that the ring was stamped on soft wax to accurately form the seal image. The ancient Romans preferred the seal ring as a piece of jewelry, which not only served as a mark of identity, but also represented the wearer's aesthetic sensibilities.

In the Middle Ages, the "coat of arms" as an engraved motif on the seal ring was a symbol of medieval knighthood. From the 13th century onwards, the coat of arms became a family crest used by the European high society.

At the end of the 19th century, intaglio and cameo stones became fashionable and the original seal function of the ring was gradually forgotten. Today, rings in the form of seals are a popular theme in jewelry design. It is worth mentioning that the practice of decorating objects with carvings dates back to the Neolithic period, as evidenced by etched shells and bones.

Rings from the centuries mentioned above are on display in many museums, including the British Museum.

What is hand engraving?

Hand carving, also called seal carving, represents the oldest and most classic way of metal carving. This complex technique requires master craftsmen to render delicate patterns onto the metal surface using a variety of engraving tools. This process requires the planned use of various tools to remove unnecessary metal parts, leaving the required parts to form a concave-convex effect pattern or text. There are many types of these carving tools, and each carving knife can carve a style and finish that is unique to it. Although they vary in shape, thickness, and edge type, these tools share a unique characteristic: the ability to create clear, graceful lines that reveal their delicate beauty and fine craftsmanship.

Once the ring design is created, the engraver will outline the metal using a special marker or pointed tool and then engrave based on those outlines. Of course, some skilled carving masters can perform their uncanny carvings without pre-outlining to achieve better results, but this practice is not common. If you have unique talent and hard work, maybe you can succeed.

Hand Engraving

Why we hand-engrave

At Katway, hand engraving is more than just a technique, it is our commitment to our core values. We celebrate excellence in craftsmanship, hand-made manufacturing, and the expertise and time it takes to create truly beautiful, long-lasting products.

Hand engraving is a beacon of creative artistic freedom, offering the world a unique art that machines can never match. Although this technology is very great and makes people want to explore it, it is also full of countless risks. During the carving process, any mistake in any step may bring devastating disaster to the work.

However, it is this very human flaw that makes the works carved by the engraver more unique and charming. Lines that are slightly inconsistent with the design are not mistakes, but a signature, telling the world that this work is not made by a cold machine, but a story carved by an emotional person, which has a different meaning. 

In addition, the work carved by hand is unparalleled. It is not just the almost three-dimensional effect that makes the work more beautiful, but it gives life to the metal. For jewelry that will wear out such as rings, the depth of the carving gives it life, making it It also ages slowly like human life.

Becoming a master sculptor does not happen overnight, it requires years of practice and an undying passion for the art. This makes hand engraving an expensive option. At Katway, we never compromise on quality, we provide only the best options to our customers.

Katway provides the best engraving tools. Whether you work with pneumatic engraving combined with pure manual push engraving or engraving, grinding and other engraving methods, you can find the right tool for you at katway. Our tools are well-made, all data is standardized, and what you see is what you get. Whether it is an engraving machine, a press bending machine, a stone setting ball, a grinder, a polishing machine, etc., there are all kinds of engraving tools.