Katway's 2024 Jewelry Fair Tour - INHORGENTA MUNICH

In 2023, our company Katway took part in the Hong Kong Jewelry Show as an active participant in the global jewelry fair, showcasing our leading technologies and products. Now, from February 16th to February 19th, 2024, we are once again participating as a technical representative at the INHORGENTA MUNICH in Munich, Germany. As a participant in this long-standing and prestigious exhibition, we were honored to gather with the world's leading jewelry, watch and gemstone industry elite to share our technology, experience and insights.

Exhibition Highlights

INHORGENTA MUNICH celebrated its 50th anniversary as the International Horticultural Exhibition in Munich with a more modern, diversified and international presentation. This year's show attracted 870 exhibitors from 37 countries, half of which came from abroad. 25,000 visitors from 90 countries flocked to the exhibition halls, including the most significant growth in visitor numbers from the Czech Republic, Switzerland, China, France, the Netherlands and Norway. Offering an exciting overview of the hottest designs, latest trends and biggest innovations in the industry, the show attracted jewelers, retailers, manufacturers, media representatives and industry influencers alike. In addition, INHORGENTA has become an international hotspot for emerging talent, young designers and creative start-up factories, energizing and invigorating the industry for the future.

Highlights of Katway

As one of the exhibitors participating in INHORGENTA MUNICH, we have brought some of our company's main products for display, which all utilize the latest developed technology, mainly including 3-in-1 engraving machine, pneumatic engraving machine, rolling machine, ring stretching and shrinking machine, engraving ball vise, stereo microscope, etc.. These products not only represent Katway's latest technology, but are also industry-leading in terms of innovation and craftsmanship, providing efficient, high-quality, high-precision solutions for global jewelry making.

Exhibition Photos
  • Three-in-one engraving machine: katway's three-in-one engraving machine is one of our representative products, integrating the functions of engraving, grinding drilling, and hot air gun into one, which provides numerous functions and also ensures the overall lightness of the machine body, providing customers with more diversified application options.
  • Pneumatic Engraving Machine: While taking into account the engraving accuracy and processing quality, it can provide more powerful power and pay more attention to the efficiency of engraving. Driven by pneumatic pressure, equipped with pedal switch, speed and pressure control, it is widely used in furniture, crafts, decoration and jewelry making of metal, stone, wood and other materials.
Katway products
  • Rolling Mills: As one of the important tools in jewelry making, it can process metal rolling and calendering into metal sheets and wires, and due to its versatility, it can be used in watch and clock industries in addition to jewelry making industries.
  • Ring Stretching and Reducing: It plays a vital role in the reduction and enlargement of the ring, and can efficiently and freely adjust the size of the ring, equipped with a variety of sizes to choose from, providing customers with the most suitable customized rings.
  • Engraving Ball Vise: This is the best fixing tool for engravers when engraving rings, made of durable material, effectively preventing the risk of jewelry slipping off during the engraving process, with a 360-degree rotating angle, it can be adjusted according to the individual's habits to any engraving angle that he/she feels more comfortable with, which is a very good way to improve the engraving experience.
  • Stereo Microscopes: As our company's latest research and development products, suitable for jewelry production of stereo microscopes for engraving and other handmade business to provide a suitable variety of optional magnification, with a wide field of view, the machine is simple to operate and easy to get started, there are also free to adjust the angle of the arm, for engraving jewelry to provide a more comfortable operating environment, especially in the production of fine engraving, Especially when engraving and making fine and small jewelry, it is more advantageou
Exhibition Photos

    Cooperation and exchange

    During INHORGENTA MUNICH, katway team actively communicated with customers and peers from all over the world to promote cooperation and common progress, and reached many cooperation projects. By showing our products and solutions, more and more customers are interested in our products, this close communication strengthens katway's development with the global market, and provides important suggestions for katway's future development, we will summarize the information, and continue to improve and learn to develop more products that lead the industry to progress.

    Exhibition group photo
    Exhibition group photo


    As an exhibitor of INHORGENTA MUNICH 2024, Katway is honored to gather with professionals from our global counterparts to share our technologies, products and insights on industry development. Through this exhibition, we also let more peers know our company, not only consolidate our position in the industry, but also expand the potential partners and customers, and we look forward to meeting you at more global jewelry exhibitions in the future.

    INHORGENTA MUNICH 2024 has brought us a lot of valuable experience and inspiration, and we will continue to work hard to innovate and provide our customers with better and more efficient solutions, and create the future together with the industry. Thank you for your attention and support!