About the selection of work components for a jeweler’s workbench 02

In the first part of this article, we covered most of the terminology surrounding jewelry making workbenches in depth. Next, we will continue to explain the selection of workbench components for jewelry making. The main introduction is about the choice of workbench. It is obvious that there is certainly no workbench that can be used by everyone. The most important thing is how to choose the most suitable one. For the workbench, you first need to confirm the specific functions that your work content needs to meet. Then keep narrowing down your workbench selections until they perfectly fit your jewelry-making needs while still meeting the size of your workspace. Next, we will continue to provide you with good suggestions for choosing a workbench.

Extended workbench

Above the debris collection area, a sliding extended central shelf is often chosen as a place to place commonly used tools and materials. Not only that, it can also be used as a placement area for various process components. The main thing is that there is never any additional work and storage space, and the height design of this space is also more ergonomic.


Guardrails are an indispensable design in the workbench. They are located on the sides and back of the top of the workbench to prevent tool accessories from accidentally slipping off the workbench, which may cause unnecessary danger.

Telescopic armrest

You can choose a workbench designed with telescopic armrests as needed. This component is usually set up to slide out under the workbench to provide a support point when the operator needs additional strength. For those who do not need this component, measuring tools such as rulers can be set in this position and slid back into place after completing the measurement.

Different jewelry making workbenches

  1. Intensive workbench

Intensive workbenches are more suitable for places with limited working area space, such as shops that perform jewelry repairs. They meet the needs of quick repairs and are specially customized workbench for these people. At the same time, its cost is relatively lower, and it is more suitable for equipping multiple benches in jewelry making workshops or school classrooms. It is a more suitable choice for beginners.

  1. Full size workbench

The main function of this kind of workbench is to provide sufficient working space and storage space, which is more suitable for operation scenarios with relatively large space, because it can usually be separated from the production processes such as welding and polishing, and can efficiently complete various work requirements. This kind of workbench is usually made of solid wood to enhance durability and stability.

The Types of Bench

  1. Suitable for workbench made by craftsmen

Workbenches used by craftsmen generally need to ensure that they can complete high-intensity work, because the work requirements are more stringent and require the completion of tasks such as metal forming. The design of these workbenches is based on the standards of professional jewelry manufacturers. As the craftsmen develop As working hours continue to increase, so will the tools and skills they need. In this case, a custom-made solid hardwood workbench is required to provide the same durability as a full-size workbench, and can also be customized and adjusted to suit needs. Height, collection tray and other functions. The entire workbench model can also be enlarged to increase work space and legroom.

How to choose the right workbench

  1. A taller person

For relatively tall people, the workbench you choose should not only increase the height of the workbench, but also ensure that the workbench pins are at the chest level. At the same time, you need to ensure that sufficient space is provided under the central drawer, because for tall people, the legs The activity space of the department requires special attention.

  1. People with petite stature

People with a petite stature have certain advantages in choosing a workbench. They can choose a workbench with an adjustable central drawer height and a height-adjustable seat, which ensures that your feet can stay on the workbench. On the ground, the leg activity area of the workbench will also be more spacious.

The Types of Bench

  1. Public workbench

If what you need is not a private workstation, but a studio shared by multiple people. The security of item storage requires special attention. At this time, it is best to consider purchasing a workbench with a drawer lock, which is very useful for the preservation of valuable tools and materials.

  1. The space is relatively small

When the space is not very large, it is obviously very difficult to place all the tools, such as a soldering station. An extra-wide workbench can provide a larger work space in a limited space. If you still can't place all your tools, setting up multiple workstations is an effective solution.