Engraving Machine Buyer's Guide on HH-R01 and HH-AT03

Common points of HH-R01 and HH-AT03

  1. Do not need an air compressor, HH-R01 is an electric engraving machine, driven by the motor engraving does not need to be equipped with an air compressor, plugged into the electricity can be used, very convenient. HH-AT03 belongs to the built-in air compressor pneumatic engraving machine, although the principle of work is different from the HH-R01, but the same does not need to be equipped with an external air compressor can be greatly save the space of the work area for the environment of the small space has a unique advantage.
  2. Both HH-R01 and HH-AT03 have the following functions: engraving, grinding and drilling. These two engraving machines not only have basic engraving functions, but can also precisely adjust the power and speed during the engraving process. At the same time also take into account the versatility of the equipment, in addition to the engraving Handpiece is also equipped with a special Handpiece for grinding and drilling, which greatly increases the usability of the equipment, such as the drilling function, you can drill holes in the stone, jade and other relatively special materials according to the actual needs of the material, stone and jade materials using vibration engraving may lead to rupture of the material, so it will be used in accordance with actual conditions of the sanding of the way to carve.
  3. Portability, small size, compared with other engraving machine products, these two engraving machines are relatively lighter in weight, easy to carry and deal with frequent changes in the work scene.

Advantages of HH-R01

  1. carving more stable, electric engraving machine relative to pneumatic engraving machine will be more stable, more good control, more suitable for novice engravers to learn to use.
  2. Versatility, in addition to the above mentioned carving, grinding, drilling, HH-R01 compared to HH-AT03 also has two more functions, the first one is fixed speed and force, that is, you can set the vibration in a specific unit of time at a fixed frequency, the vibration automatically stops after the completion of the foot pedal for precise control. The second is equipped with an additional hot air gun, the highest temperature up to 300 degrees Celsius, mainly used to melt the glue stick, so that when the glue stick cools down and solidifies in the fixed position between the engraving material and the stone-set ball, preventing the engraving material from accidentally slipping or shifting position in the process of engraving, which greatly increases the safety, as well as the risk of material damage.

Disadvantages of HH-R01

  1. The product is more expensive, due to the research and development costs as well as the multi-functional design, so the HH-R01 is relatively more expensive.
  2. The power is relatively small, taking into account the stability, although the power is relatively small, but after continuous upgrading and updating, it has been very close to the strength of HH-AT03, which can basically meet most of the use scenarios.

Advantages of HH-AT03

  1. HH-AT03 more power, faster carving. Novice carvers use at first need to adapt to a period of time, due to the power of greater control requirements will be slightly higher, for the carver has been skillfully used, you can complete faster carving works.
  2. Cheaper, more affordable, for the limited budget carver, it will be a very good choice for carvers who do not need a hot air gun and other features, you can also use the extra budget for the purchase of other carving tools!

Disadvantages of the AT03

Relatively few features, compared to the HH-R01 less fixed-speed fixed-force function and the hot air gun, according to the actual needs of the consideration, if the actual use of these two functions and the future does not have the need for this, then the HH-AT03 will be a good choice.

Suggestions for selection

HH-R01 and HH-AT03 are very good performance engraving machine, there is no obvious product disadvantages, manufacturing process are at the cutting edge of the industry products, can meet most of the engraving needs, customers can choose the right product according to the actual needs of different carvers and habits.