Katway III -Air-free DIY Pneumatic Engraver, HH-AT03

Katway SKU: HH-AT03-BK

Katway III -Air-free DIY Pneumatic Engraver, HH-AT03

Katway SKU: HH-AT03-BK
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Item No: HH-AT03
Item Name: Multifunction Jewelry Engraver
Power: 160W
Votlage: 100-240V
Speed: 0-100%
Micromotor Speed: 0-35000RPM
Dimension: 22*15.3*18CM
Shipping Dimension: 45.5*34*25CM
Shipping Weight: 6KG

HH-AT03 pneumatic jewelry engraver special beyond the air compressor free feature.The double handpiece can be quickly modified by Handpiece Selector Knob to allow for a wide variety of engraving styles from light bulino work to heavy engraving in hard metals like steel and titanium.No additional air compressor is required.

Engraving Machine, HH-AT03
Engraving Machine, HH-AT03
The machine features an easy-to-operate knob design with a toggle button allowing for mode switching among three different functions. 'G' stands for engraving, 'P' denotes polishing, and 'D' represents drilling. Simply turning the knob facilitates mode conversion. Additionally, the control box includes a power button regulating the stroke power of the engraving handpiece. Furthermore, the speed button controls the frequency of strokes, enabling users to fine-tune the speed according to their preferences or specific requirements.

Engraving Machine, HH-AT03
Engraving Machine, HH-AT03
Engraving Machine, HH-AT03
The pneumatic engraving machine boasts versatile applications, particularly suited for engraving various types of metal jewelry. Its extensive scope includes jewelry processing, detailed engraving, intricate carving, designing reel bead edges, mosaic work, and more. This machine excels in handling a wide array of tasks related to crafting and embellishing jewelry pieces, providing precision and finesse across different applications in the jewelry-making process.

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