Ring Stretcher,HH-RS01

Katway SKU: HH-RS01

Ring Stretcher,HH-RS01

Katway SKU: HH-RS01
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Ring Stretcher,HH-RS01


Item No:HH-RS01
Item Name:Ring Stretcher
Enlarge Sizer:6-46,8-48,10-50,12-52,14-54,16-56, 18-58,20-60,22-62,24-64,26-66, 28-68,30-70,32-72
Shipping Dimension:35*18.8*24CM
Shipping Weight:14KG

Ring Stretcher,HH-RS01

Product Advantages

Versatile Compatibility across various sizes, crafted from high-quality iron material ensuring durability, meticulous attention to detail, featuring a dual-functionality capable of resizing rings by both enlargement and reduction, all seamlessly integrated into one design.

Ring Stretcher,HH-RS01

High Compatibility

The ring enlarge die of the ring stretcher has extremely high compatibility and accuracy, and various sizes can be used as needed

Ring Stretcher,HH-RS01

Various Reduced Apertures
A variety of reduced aperture optionsto meet your various needs

Ring Stretcher,HH-RS01

Durable Nodularlron

The high-quality ring enlarger tool is meticulously crafted from durable nodular iron, guaranteeing sturdiness and exceptional resistance to wear, making it an ideal choice for enlarging rings. It stands out with exceptional hardness, effective resistance against corrosion, the ability to withstand high temperatures, and offers strong stability, ensuring reliability and longevity in its usage.

Ring Stretcher,HH-RS01

Simply place the ring in its corresponding position, and with an easy operation, you can effortlessly enlarge or reduce the ring size.

Ring Stretcher,HH-RS01

Extensive Application

Its extensive utility spans across multiple sectors, serving as an invaluable tool in jewelry stores for crafting and displaying exquisite pieces. Additionally, it plays a pivotal role in jewelry repair shops, aiding in intricate repairs and refurbishments. Moreover, it finds application in the production lines of jewelry manufacturing factories, contributing to the creation of fine jewelry. Beyond professional settings, it caters to DIY enthusiasts, empowering them to pursue personalized jewelry projects, and it's also embraced for personal use in various creative endeavors.

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