Katway Optical Stereoscopic Microscope,7X-45X Magnification,Adjustable Dual Light Sources, HH-MS04A

Katway SKU: HH-MS04A

Katway Optical Stereoscopic Microscope,7X-45X Magnification,Adjustable Dual Light Sources, HH-MS04A

Katway SKU: HH-MS04A
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Magnification: 7X-45X
Eyepiece: WF10X/20
Real angle of view: 45 degrees
Working distance: 100mm
Shipping Dimension: 51×36×30cm
Shipping Weight: 7KG


The optical stereo microscope offers a versatile magnification range of 7x to 45x, making it suitable for various detailed inspection tasks. Equipped with HD coated lenses, it provides bright, clear vision, enhancing the observation of fine details. The combination of high magnification and excellent clarity makes the optical stereo microscope an invaluable tool for professionals requiring meticulous attention to detail.

Optical Stereoscopic Microscope HH-MS04A


The optical stereo microscope features adjustable dual light sources for enhanced visibility and precision. The top light source's brightness can be adjusted with the left knob, while the bottom light source's brightness is controlled with the right knob. This dual lighting system allows users to illuminate objects from different angles and customize lighting conditions to suit various tasks and enhance detail observation.

Optical Stereoscopic Microscope HH-MS04A


The optical stereo microscopes feature an adjustable working distance, typically set at 100mm from the object being observed, enhancing their versatility and user comfort. This adjustable distance allows for greater precision and flexibility in tasks such as soldering electronic components, repairing watches, appraising jewelry, and performing intricate engravings, ensuring optimal performance and reducing the risk of damage to delicate objects.

Optical Stereoscopic Microscope HH-MS04A


1 x Light Source Above LED

1 x Black and White Observation Board(One accessory,front black,back white)

1 x Transparent Viewing Board

2 x WF10X/20 Eyepiece

Optical Stereoscopic Microscope HH-MS04A


The optical stereo microscopes are indispensable in various fields due to their ability to provide detailed, three-dimensional views at high magnification. They are extensively used for inspecting and repairing electronic components, aiding in the precision assembly and maintenance of watches, appraising and repairing jewelry, and creating intricate miniature engravings. These microscopes enhance accuracy and quality in tasks requiring meticulous attention to detail, making them valuable tools in diverse professional settings.

Optical Stereoscopic Microscope HH-MS04A

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