How to Make Money with an Airgraver?

As a sculptor, there is nothing more meaningful than turning a hobby into a career. Not only can I be immersed in the joy of creation, but I can also generate income through my works. This is a wonderful feeling.

Next, I will describe in detail in the article how to use an engraving machine to create profits in the engraving field, and I will provide a comprehensive guide.

First of all, the first question is, can you make money with an engraving machine?

Obviously, it is feasible. Hand carving has become very popular in today's society and has very good business prospects, especially for those who don't have much money and want to make money through carving.

The field of engraving covers a wide range of areas, such as jewelry engraving, stone engraving, wood engraving, etc. Whether it is used for artistic creation or personalized engraving, it can meet the corresponding needs. Therefore, the uniqueness of carving is also one of the reasons why it becomes popular among people. Therefore, if there is a demand, there will be a market, and you will naturally make money.

1.Sell sculptures on an online store

You can open your own online store to sell your own sculptures. For example, Amazon or eBay are relatively well-known platforms. You can sell your work to the world. Because these platforms have relatively complete sales processes, there will definitely be profits as long as they are managed well.

2.Personalized engraving done locally

If you feel that the form of an online store cannot be completed, then opening a physical store offline is also a good choice. In your area, open a shop that offers personalized engraving services or sells your own completed work. Customers' special requirements can be met according to local trends.

engraving machine

3.Become a social blogger related to sculpture

We can make people interested in your work by posting pictures or videos of sculpture-related works on social platforms. Common platforms include YouTube and Instagram. As long as people are interested in your work and like your creations. You can generate stable income through these social platforms. If you continue to enrich your content, such as posting some carving methods and sharing interesting carving stories, you can slowly cultivate more fans. Therefore, you can also successfully earn your commission through the Internet.

The above methods can provide opportunities for engraving to be monetized, and can also show your engraving level.

10 High-Value Engraving Products

1.Customized jewelry

The jewelry market is very broad, and the market demand is constantly increasing. Among them, the market for personalized engraved jewelry is even broader. Because people like unique and personalized works to show their differences.

Personalized Jewelry2.Personalized keychain

Keychains are something that everyone uses, and now personalized keychains can also be customized through engraving, making them a very meaningful item that is suitable as a gift.

Customized Keychains3.Wedding gifts

Wedding is an important day in everyone's life. Many people will give some gifts when they get married. Among them, more and more people are giving sculptures as a souvenir of their wedding.

Wedding Gifts4.Personalized trophies

Trophies are something of great commemorative value. They are used in many fields and represent recognition of achievements in a certain aspect. For example, trophies can almost be seen in academic fields, art fields, sports, etc., so trophies can be customized and personalized. It is very important, and carving exactly meets this need.

Customized Awards and Trophies5.Custom Cutting Board

With the continuous improvement of people's material life, more and more people are beginning to pay attention to spiritual values and are more and more interested in adding some personalized designs to some monotonous items, such as cutting boards used in the kitchen, which provide many families with The kitchen adds a lot of personalized elements.

Personalized Cutting Boards6.Leather products

In addition to metal jewelry and other accessories, the market demand for engraving of accessories made of leather has also been increasing in recent years. For example, leather bracelets, leather shoes, etc., unique engraved leather is a very suitable choice for personalization when going out.

Engraved Leather Goods

7.Pet Tags

Pet tags are an indispensable thing for owners to take their pets out. They can enhance pet identification and prevent pets from getting lost, and can also add decorative effects to pets. Engraving pet tags has become a huge market, with all kinds of dog tags and cat tags.

Personalized Pet Tags8.Glassware

In the fields of bars, furniture, etc., personalized glassware is being sought after by many people, such as custom engravings on water glasses, wine glasses, glass kettles, etc., which adds a lot of fun to dining.

Engraved Glassware9.Customized furniture

The market demand for customized furniture with more personal characteristics is increasing steadily. After all, home is the place where everyone lives, and it is also the place that best reflects individuality. Special carved murals, special carved coasters, tables, etc. are all in constant demand. of decorating the customer's personal space.

Personalized Home Furnishings10.Corporate gifts

It is a popular habit among major companies to give gifts to customers or employees during festivals. Special engraved gifts such as thermos cups, pens, bookmarks, etc. can promote good cooperation between companies, leave a profound impact on people, and increase employees' sympathy for the company.

Corporate Gifts

Is the engraving business guaranteed to be profitable?

Next, let’s calculate whether you can make money by using an electric engraving machine in the engraving business, and whether you know how to invest the money. Assume that an order of 100 engraved rings is received now, which can generate a profit of US$3,000. It is very simple to earn back the purchase cost of the machine.

Hand engraving: free

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Price per ring: $35

Profit per unit: $30

Total profit can reach USD 6,000

At the same time, we can choose some more powerful engraving machines to improve work efficiency, such as the HH-R01 3in1 Engraving Machine. This engraving machine has multiple functions in one. There is no need to prepare multiple tools, which greatly utilizes more space. Improved work efficiency.

This is the best choice for carving beginners

Airgraver 3 in 1 Jewelry Engraving Machine


Obviously, after some analysis, using an engraving machine to start an engraving business is a profitable project. It is a method of making money that can be combined with multiple online and offline sales methods. At the same time, it requires very little investment. It only requires one. The job can be started for the cost of an engraving machine.